10 Examinations Examinations may be different from those you’ve experienced in other institutions. At the University of Auckland, examinations start during the week following the end of lectures, and end on the last day of semester. The examination timetable is published before the mid-semester break: • on Student Services Online (My timetables, grades and course history) • on the examinations website • on the Student Portal at Exam times are published in New Zealand Time (NZT) and you are expected to be available for the entire examination period Examination regulations and instructions will be sent to you in an email, and they are also available on the Examinations website. Read these carefully. Penalties apply for breaking these rules. Illness, injury or misfortune If you feel that personal circumstances have affected your exam preparation or your performance on the day of your examination, you can apply for aegrotat or compassionate consideration. If your preparation is affected, you must see a medical doctor or counsellor within the fortnight before the exam. If you are affected on the day of your exam (and possibly unable to sit it), it is vital you see a doctor on the day of the exam itself (even if the exam is on a Saturday). Please be aware there is no possibility of re-sitting an examination. Read the information available on the examinations website so that you understand the process of aegrotat and compassionate consideration. Academic Integrity Course The University of Auckland requires all students to complete the Academic Integrity Course in their first semester. This is an online course designed to increase student knowledge of academic integrity, University rules relating to academic conduct and the identification and consequences of academic misconduct. The course requires you to work through a series of modules outlining scenarios you may encounter while studying at the University. Within each scenario, information is provided on relevant rules, resources and expected behaviour. At the end of each module you must complete a test. You have until the end of your first semester to complete the course. DELNA All new students, no matter their language background, must complete the Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment (DELNA). DELNA is a free check of your English language ability. You begin with the 30-minute DELNA Screening and may be asked to proceed to the DELNA Diagnosis, a finer assessment of your The Disputes Resolution Scheme What to do if something goes wrong? If you have concerns about your treatment by your educational provider or by an agent of the provider, the first thing you must do is contact the principal, the international student director or another person who has been identified to you as someone that you can approach about complaints at your institution. The code requires all institutions to have fair and equitable internal grievance procedures for students. You need to go through these internal processes before you can take the complaint any further. For more information about the processes for handling student complaints, visit www.nzqa. providers-partners/education-code-of- practicestudent-complaints Examination dates 2021 Semester One Thursday 10 June - Monday 28 June Semester Two Thursday 28 October - Monday 15 November