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He stressed that to develop CQ, one needed

to study, observe, reflect, experiment and

experience. He invited the participants to check

out two successful Kiwi examples in this regard,

Architecture Van Brandenburg in Dunedin

and Air NZ. The former won the bid and was

commissioned to design the headquarters

of the Chinese fashion label, Marisfrolg, in

China’s Shenzhen City, and the latter effectively

incorporated Chinese culture in its promotion

videos to introduce Chinese travellers to New

Zealand and its culture.

Adding to the list of successful Kiwi businesses

and substantiating Rod’s discussion on “how

to relate to others in a highly inter-dependent

world”, the following nine speakers told their

personal stories in the three subsequent panel

discussions. Speaking in the first group were:

David Boyle

, Partner of The Talent Centre,

a human resources consultancy based in


Jane Li

, General Manager of the

“New Zealand Milk Bar” retail chain with more

than 50 stores across China; and



, Director of the Augen Software Group

and Chair of Augen’s business operations in

Asia. David Boyle first went to China with

Lion Nathan in 1997 for the Australia/NZ beer

brewer’s entry into the biggest market in

Asia. He then managed various Chinese and

American manufacture companies in Shanghai

until 2007, when he and his wife set up The

Talent Centre in the same city to recruit, consult

and coach middle- and senior-level Chinese

executives. He also provided these services to

NZ and American companies doing business in


Jane Li shipped her first container of dairy

products to a milk bar in China in 2012. Then

the DCD (dicyandiamide) scare happened

in 2013, which left many Chinese consumers

questioning the safety of NZ milk. Six months

later, when The New Zealand Milk Bar just began

to recover, there came the wide-scale recall of

dairy products sold by NZ multinational dairy

co-operative Fonterra because of suspected

botulism-causing bacteria. Amidst these dairy

sector crises, however, Jane and her team

battled on. Not only were there more Milk

Bars opened in China during the challenging

times, but the flagship Kiwi chain was officially

recognised by the Chinese food regulatory

authorities in 2015. Jane expected this

acknowledgement of excellence to help her

effectuate her dream of opening 100 Milk Bars

across China sometime soon.

Mitchell Pham came to New Zealand as a

refugee in his early teens. After graduating

from the University of Auckland, he set up his