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For this year’s event, we looked at the huge

opportunities Asia’s rapid growth has provided

for New Zealand and showcased stories from

those who have succeeded in Asian markets.

For those of us wishing to engage with Asia, it is

easy to become overwhelmed by focusing on the

big picture. However, in many ways, to succeed

in Asia, it is the ‘small’ that matters most. We

need to think small which means identifying our

strengths and leveraging them to benefit from

Asia’s growth.

The conference examined emerging market

trends; explored opportunities for Kiwi

entrepreneurs; and brainstormed on how to think

innovatively for Asia. It is our goal to develop an

understanding on how to position ourselves in

the global picture; as well as recognise and act

upon opportunities that have, and will continue

to arise in Asia.

We invited a diverse group of speakers and

students (from tertiary institutions throughout

New Zealand) to this conference reflecting our

own national cultural diversification. Our expert

speakers, owner-managers from small and larger

firms shared their experiences, inspiring the

audience to become more “Asia-savvy”.

In addition to the Q&A sessions after our panel

discussions, there were ample networking

opportunities during the workshop and team

activities. We invited the students, as the

upcoming generation of New Zealand’s work

force, to maximise the opportunities provided at

this forum. They were encouraged to be brave

and share ideas; to challenge the status quo;

to keep an open mind and listen to others; and

lastly, to make the most of this conference to

learn, develop and connect.

After all, adventure-seeking is in our blood, and

we must be able to “think big and small” when

it comes to planning our future. As potential

future leaders and change-makers, we hope

that our conference helped equip our Asia-

savvy graduates with both the knowledge and

relationships to maximise their contribution to

New Zealand business and society.

Kind regards

Annie Ren

Asia Savvy Committee

Asia: Thinking Big and Small

New Zealand Asia Conference 2016

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