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foundation upon returning to New Zealand,

which would give marginalised youngsters

in South Asia opportunities to participate in

sports, experience teamwork, improve English

proficiency, gain self-confidence, and access

free, nutritious food. He was happy to report

that the Cricket Live Foundation launched its

programmes in Sri Lanka in 2013, and had since

offered 4-days-a-week activities to more than

300 children. Encouraged by the enthusiastic

responses from the participants, he planned to

expand the programmes to India in 2017. He

summarised his “innovation process” into three

“parallels”: (1) discover your pain point(s), find

a solution and act; (2) identify your strengths,

build on them and become an expert; and (3)

practice winning, know what it feels like, and

make it a habit.

Vivian Fu came to New Zealand from China

as an exchange student, majoring in tourism

and education. Contrary to her expectations,

however, she found that she did not enjoy the

“same routine everyday” while working as an

early childhood teacher after graduation. So

she gave up her license as a certified teacher

and enrolled in Auckland’s International

Business as a Master’s student. At the same

time, she was also hired by Barfoot & Thompson

Rentals, and her main task was to persuade

more Chinese owners to have her company

managing their investment properties. To

her surprise, she did well at the Rentals, and

she attributed her good performance to her

bi-lingual and bi-cultural skills. She then did

an internship at the DFS Group as part of her

Master’s studies. She focused her research

at DFS on Chinese free independent travellers

(FIT), in particular, their accommodation

preferences and shopping behaviours. DFS

was interested in her research findings and

appointed her to be a Team Leader in the

Group’s Luxury & Fashion sector. Ms Fu assured

those coming from Asian countries that if

they kept working on their English language

proficiency and Kiwi savviness, they would be