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But how would one made the decision on what

product to make or invest in in the first place,

asked the audience? The three speakers shared

the general principles and approaches that

they would go by. For example, they would

not choose a high-priced product, especially

at the initial stage of their businesses. Yet

they would not go cheap, either, when it came

to the product quality and usability. Drawing

on the cradle-to-cradle design concept, they

would also endeavour to eliminate waste, or

negative impacts on the natural environment,

by picking a product, when possible, whose

production process would be “nutrients” for the

next cycle of the same product, or add positive

elements to it. Finally, they would try to tap Kiwi

expatriate networks all over the world for advice

on local markets and human resources supplies

when making business decisions.

The last panel of the 2016 Asia Savvy conference

was on innovative thinking for Asia. The three

panellists were

Alex Reese

, Founder and CEO

of Cricket Live Foundation,

Vivian Fu

, Team

Leader at Luxury & Fashion, DFS, and

Jonny Hendriksen

, CEO and Founder of

Shuttlerock. Alex Reese believed that innovation

should be defined as a process rather than a

destination or an end product. His belief could

indeed be illustrated by the origin and growth

of his Cricket Live Foundation, which might be

said to have begun when he joined a cricket

club at the age of 10. For a long while after

that, he aspired to one day compete for New

Zealand in the sport. While that dream was

not realised, he successfully merged in 2010 at

Mumbai his love for cricket with another of his

childhood visions, becoming a CEO. He shared

with the audience how, in the Indian city, he

grew from a “naïve” university graduate seeking

adventurous and exotic cultural experiences

into a person aspiring and feeling obligated

to do something for children in slum areas in

South Asia. Remembering the appeals of the

local friends he made in Mumbai, he embarked

on setting up a multi-functional cricket