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This year, Asia Savvy partnered with the University of Auckland’s Sustainable and Environment Department to

pilot the Instep Sustainable Event Programme, an international recognised set of criteria to help may it more


The data collated will give us a greater understanding of how our event

impacts on the environment and allow us to take action to minimise this

impact and promote good practice.

We demonstrated our commitment by:

• Being mindful of our impact during our conference preparation e.g.

minimise energy, travel, waste, water and paper use, etc.

• Using local, organic and sustainable food wherever possible.

• Monitoring the Asia Savvy Conference and reporting on the carbon

footprint of the event.

• Using the ‘pilot’ programme results to examine the feasibility of

building a comprehensive Sustainable Events Policy to help to reduce

the impact of future events within the University of Auckland.

• Actively communicating our commitment through the Asia Savvy

website with communications about the conference and seeking

support from all stakeholders.

We believe Asia Savvy students have the potential to make a difference in

protecting the environment for the future

During the event, students carried out a transport survey while

we collected data relating to our plant and buildings for analysis.

The students were invited to firstly be ‘eco-savvy’ about their own

environmental impact during the day. They provided suggestions on how

we could further improve our environmental impact as seen on our Asia

Savvy Tree.

Greening Asia Savvy

Asia Savvy Sustainability Tree with

suggestions from participants on how

we can minimise waste for future