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For this year’s event, our committee has chosen to focus on further developing a valuable toolkit to equip

students for their future career path that will very likely be framed around Asia. It is our intent to create a

globalized, culturally-aware generation of Asia Savvy students.

As in previous years, we strive to further develop awareness of the

importance of the relationships between Asia and New Zealand. We

recognise and promote the idea that these countries’ cultural, political

and economic exchange will only increase in the future, as well as its

significance for the tertiary students, the workforce of tomorrow.

The committee has channelled their energy into the creation of an event

that recognizes New Zealand’s global position and uses students existing,

and fledgling skills to capitalise on this. It is a day of engaged discussion,

learning from experts and meeting valuable new connections.

This year, we have made the move to becoming a sustainable event. We’re

proud to be a prototype and to lead the way for other university events to

consider more carefully how to reduce their carbon footprint.

You will have noticed our logo, a character which represents the essence

of what we at Asia Savvy strive to develop. The character

(tōng in

Mandarin) means to connect, communicate, understand and be an expert

in something. It therefore strongly reinforces our goals of connecting

people and helping them to build their knowledge and skills around the

importance of Asia.

It is of note to mention that this is Asia Savvy’s fifth year, where the

experience of the years past have led to us being able to fully address

the question of what Asia Savvy actually means, as well as its relevance

to students. We look forward to celebrating this occasion with all our

attendees, with many prizes and lots of fun activities!

Kind regards

Jennifer Tate

Project Manager

Asia Savvy 2015 Committee

Conference concept:

New Zealand Asia Conference 2015